About us

The E-bulletin of Regional History Museum - Sofia (ISSN #2603-4247) is an open access journal, published in a volume by the museum once a year (in February). The purpose of the journal is to present papers with contribution for the scientific research of Sofia, its history, culture, traditions and heritage. The journal is open for articles in the fields of archeology, history, ethnography, architecture, art history, restoration, etc. The selection and preparation for publishing by the editorial team is a guarantee of the level of published papers – the articles are evaluated by specialist in the research field.

The journal supports bilingual standards – papers in Bulgarian or English are accepted, the articles must be accompanied by a summary in the other language. Detailed instructions for authors can be found under Requirements.

Materials for each first booklet will be accepted until December 15.

We are expecting you!

Materials sent to: e-bulletin@sofiahistorymuseum.bg